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Our Innovations

Waste water Innovations
Agricultural Land Management
Organic waste Aerobic Composting
Biofuels Innovation
Concrete Recycling


Our Mission and Vision

The GTI creators firmly believe that a lot of minor efforts will add up to large improvements, allowing eight billion individuals to collectively contribute to the improvement of our world.

The fundamental point that must be conveyed and understood is that

" Every token released on the market corresponds to and is backed by genuine, concrete reductions in a form of pollution "

GTI wants to bring back the planet's natural greenery via organic waste recycling, plastic recycling, use of biochar fertilizer, use of agricultural cover crops, and the development of biofuels all to be part of the solution to GHG reduction. With the help of our partners we want to do our part to change the paradigm of things by getting them done instead of talking about them. We permit the development of GTI tokens, and their creation equates to a benefit for our planet in terms of the quantity of pollution removed, in a very unique and revolutionary approach via functional innovations.

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GTI Roadmap

Professional Team

Emmanuel Richard

Chief Innovations Officer

Mr. Emmanuel Richard is the CEO and President of various corporations in Canada. He has an extensive background in innovative sciences and agriculture, which he uses to create functional innovative solutions, specifically the first of its kind aerobic food waste facility aimed at reducing food waste and carbon footprint in the City of Regina. As an industrial biochemist, his competence spans across different expertise. He is a bold risk-taker, constantly motivated to identify new ways to make innovative solutions in Environmental, Agriculture and Technology spheres.

Bernice Richard

Chief People Person

Ms. Bernice Richard is the Chief Operating Officer of various corporations in Canada and a board member of the RSM in Regina Saskatchewan. She is a hands-on director and oversees all aspects of her organization ranging from the production, employee engagement, marketing and branding. Over the past decade she has embarked on a quest for new discoveries to help various agricultural challenges in both the Agriculture and Technology industries. With an associate degree in market research, she is well versed in understanding market trends and aligning her corporations in each new market opportunity available.

Chen Junling

Innovation Technologist

Mr. Chen Junling is our Innovation technician with over 20years of vast knowledge and experience. He has worked with many companies in China and Canada over the course of his career to improve their efficiency over time. Over the years, He has learned how various equipment operates and what their needs for optimization are, to perfect efficiency on various Installations. His ability to work on anything from small projects like repairing equipment all the way up through larger scale production runs makes him an invaluable asset to any company.

Our Partners

Custom Agricultural Intelligence Inc.

Adding Real Value... Building Bushels

Lusher Construction Inc.

Lusher Construction Inc.

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    2103 11th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3Z8.
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